The Reluctant Golfer: Episode 6

In this episode of the Reluctant Golfer, Travis Lowe hit the links with Kelowna Rockets president and general manager Bruce Hamilton.

Though it’s golf season, it won’t be long until September rolls around. And when that happens, talk the 2020 Memorial Cup — which Kelowna is hosting next May — will heat up.

“I wanted to make sure we had one more chance to do this, and do it right; for our community more than anything,” said Hamilton. “[The community] supported it so well the last time.”

That last time, of course, was the 2004 Memorial Cup, which Kelowna won, defeating Gatineau 2-1 in the championship game on Sunday, May 23.

That final, which saw Kelowna rally from a 1-0 deficit, featured a packed standing-room game of 6,636.

Kelowna will become the fifth city to twice host the final-four tournament since 2000, with the others being Halifax (2000, 2019), Regina (2001, 2018), Quebec City (2003, 2015) and London (2005, 2014).

While on the course, Lowe found out that Hamilton is growing a small crop of grapes, that he was a fireman at one point and that he also worked in a graveyard.

Going back to hockey, though, one question is: Who will be next season’s No. 1 goalie?

“Well, we’ve got three,” said Hamilton. “So we’re going to find one out of those three, I hope, and see what they do.

“That’s a position we’ll have to evaluate as we go.”

Hamilton concluded “we’re in it to win it. We’re not content just being competitive; we’ve got to be a real good hockey club and have a chance to be playing in the Sunday final.”


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