These Tweets About Peter’s ‘Bachelor’ Cast Going To Cleveland Are Hilarious

Fans of The Bachelor know joining the show comes with many perks. On top of possibly finding the love of your life, participants get to live in a huge mansion in California, find some potential friends, and travel the world to go on some of the most romantic dates in TV history. But before contestants pack up their passports and take trips abroad, they first have to make it through at least one rose ceremony on a domestic trip first. Destinations change from season to season, so contestants don’t know what to expect, but these tweets about Peter’s Bachelor contestants going to Cleveland prove the audience definitely felt some type of way about the chosen location.

While many fans, especially those who know Cleveland, know it can be a wonderful place to explore a blooming relationship, Twitter couldn’t stop making memes over the how the ladies in the mansion reacted to Chris Harrison’s news:

That being said, those from Cleveland were quick to jump in and point out The Bachelor was on to something great when they decided to bring the ladies to their beautify city.

To watch how Peter’s trips (to Cleveland and otherwise) unfold with the ladies, tune into The Bachelor on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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