TXT Answered Fan Questions While Playing With Puppies, So Prepare For Your Heart To Explode

K-pop rookie group TXT might just be starting out their careers, but they’re always making a ~huge~ splash, both in Korea and around the world. I mean, they got a puppy interview with BuzzFeed just two months after debuting — JUST SAYIN’.

And while we already know the boys are super cute, when you pair them with puppies — well, you basically have to monitor your heart rate. Here are some highlights:

Beomgyu shouted out their big-brother group, BTS, with their track “Dionysus,” when asked to name his current favorite song.

The other members offered up “All Night” by Beyoncé, “In My Blood” by Shawn Mendes, and “Living in the Same Time” by Naul.

And if they could go anywhere in the world, Huening Kai and Soobin would go to their hometowns!


Huening Kai is from Honolulu, Hawaii, and Soobin is from Ansan, Korea! Both sound like absolutely lovely places to grow up in. 😊

As for the others, Yeonjun would choose Guam, Taehyun would go to Switzerland, and Beomgyu would opt for Cebu. *starts casually looking at flights because they’re all such great recs*

Watch all of the cuteness that ensued in the video:

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And to learn more about the precious, adoptable pups in the video, check out Muddy Paws Rescue for more info!

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