Victoria Beckham labelled an ‘a***hole’ by David as he urges her to ‘come home happier’

Victoria Beckham unimpressed with David at cake sale

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Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is notorious for her pout and avoiding cracking a smile in photos, which became her trademark persona during her days as Posh Spice. However, she might not have expected husband David Beckham to attach a note to her lunch calling her out for that exact habit.

Victoria Beckham looks like she’s going to a funeral. Does that woman ever smile?

Twitter user Annequa

Taking to Instagram to discuss the exchange, Victoria revealed his note had read: “Enjoy lunch a**hole…come home happier!”

He’d added as a parting shot: “Lots of love, you know who.”

Showing the note in a video clip on her Stories, Victoria delightedly shared: “Even when I’m grumpy he looks after me!

“Thank you for my lunch David.”

The pair have been married for more than two decades, during which Victoria was often photographed without so much as a faint smile on her face.

However, Victoria’s unsmiling persona in fact dates back to her early Spice Girls days.

“In the past, I’ve probably hidden behind my armour — the not smiling publicly, for instance,” she revealed in one interview with Glamour magazine.

At the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it sometimes seemed as though she attracted as much attention as the bride and groom for her poker face.

“Victoria Beckham looks like she’s going to a funeral. Does that woman ever smile?” quizzed Twitter user Aneequa.

Even Piers Morgan commented on her “frowning” face.

In response, Victoria defended her attitude during an interview in Vogue, musing: “My insecurities helped me create the character in a way.

“Nowadays, it’s like a barrier that comes back whenever I go out in public. That’s the way fame has affected me.”

Though Victoria does crack a smile a little more often these days, a recent holiday photo revealed an even more cheeky side of her personality.

The shot shows the star from the back, clad in a tiny pair of shorts during a mystery break away.

Victoria ambiguously captioned it with the words: “Cheeky Posh in the sun.”

The photo attracted admiring attention from celebrities such as actress Reese Witherspoon.

The family has reportedly enjoyed a winter sun break on a $5 million yacht purchased by David.

More than 775,000 people liked the snapshots, captioned: “Creating family memories in the sunshine.”

Clearly, although Victoria rarely grins in public, her relationship with David is keeping her happy behind-the-scenes.

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