Vikings Fan Floored By Huge Punch In Wild Brawl At Panthers' Stadium

A Minnesota Vikings fan was sent crashing to the ground after being socked in the face during a wild melee at the Panthers game Sunday … and all of the violence was captured on video.

The scene went down at some point during the Vikes’ win over Carolina at Bank Of America Stadium … when a man clad in purple got into a verbal altercation with several Panthers fans.

In footage of the fracas, you can see the Minnesota fan immediately started scrapping with a man in a Jaycee Horn jersey … before yelling at others in the area.

Several people stepped in to intervene … and pushing, shoving and screaming ensued.

Eventually, the altercation turned seriously violent … with the man in the purple shirt being thrown to the ground and then being hit by a thunderous punch.

The guy laid on the floor for several moments … but got up and appeared to try to continue the fight.

Meanwhile, another woman was knocked to the ground amid all of the chaos.

It’s unclear what started the brawl, if there were injuries or if any arrests were made. We’ve reached out to cops, but so far, no word back yet.

Of course, fighting at NFL stadiums has unfortunately been commonplace this year … with violent scuffles — including one at the Bears vs. Rams game earlier this season — breaking out seemingly weekly.

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