What Is Mark Wahlberg’s Net Worth? Here’s What We Know About the Actor’s Career Earnings.

When he’s not pulling off two-a-day workouts for an upcoming movie, in which he’ll make lots of money, Mark Wahlberg is also busy … making lots of money.

The Boston-born actor has been in the entertainment industry for decade, and he isn’t just famous for his acting (or his rock-hard upper body) . Remember Marky Mark? Or his Calvin Klein underwear modeling? Mark Wahlberg has done it all

“I think it’s important to have a career where you can do different things and not be put into a box,” Wahlberg says in the new HBO Max documentary series Wahl Street, a look inside the last year of everything Wahlberg—Wahl movies, Wahl bars, all Wahl everything. Over the years, Wahlberg has transferred his actor stardom into a slew of ventures, including: two production companies, a water company, a performance company, a gym brand, a clothing line, an auto group, and a restaurant chain.

“I got the bug for business,” he says. Though, as he admits, the bug bites are sometimes irritating, and Wahlberg often has to juggle several business problems simultaneously, all while on set doing that whole acting thing.

Of course, viewers of the documentary will likely be less invested in Wahlberg’s entrepreneurial woes than they will be curious about his paychecks.

Here’s what we know about Wahlberg’s net worth.

Even in 2020 Mark Wahlberg took home $58 million

In 2017, Forbes named Wahlberg the highest paid actor in the world, thanks to movies like Patriots Day, Daddy’s Home 2, and Transformers: The Last Knight.

But Wahlberg’s big paychecks don’t exactly mirror his movies’ performance at the box office. In 2017, Forbes also named him the most overpaid actor of the year: “His three wide releases prior to June 1, 2017, returned just $4.40 at the box office for every $1 he was paid on them,” the outlet reported. “With disappointments including 2016’s oil spill drama Deepwater Horizon, which barely out-earned its estimated $110 million budget, Wahlberg’s multi-million dollar paydays look mighty expensive.”

Recently, much of Wahlberg’s yearly salary has come from Netflix. With the help of Spenser Confidential, a hugely popular film for the streaming giant, Wahlberg took home $58 million in 2020. Forbes estimates that nearly a quarter of all income generated by top actors were paid out by Netflix.

Mark Wahlberg has diversified his income stream

Wahlberg has a lot going on besides acting. As Town&Country explained, Walhberg makes a decent living through his sports nutrition line and the burger restaurant chain he owns with his brothers, called Wahlburgers — which also has its own A&E reality show.

We aren’t done yet. In 2013, Wahlberg bought partial ownership in a cricket team in Barbados. “I’m excited to be a part of the Limacol Caribbean Premier League because I know cricket is huge in the Caribbean and a rich part of the region’s heritage,” Wahlberg said in a statement in 2013. “Thanks to my dear friend Ajmal Khan who introduced me to Barbados and the LCPL, I am a huge cricket fan now.”

Talk about having a side hustle.

Wahlberg’s total net worth is estimated between $290 and $350 million

And that number is only expected to grow as his businesses grow.

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