Will Archie Ever Be A Prince? There’s Reportedly One Way He’ll Get The Royal Title

It’s only been two months since Baby Sussex arrived but that’s like two decades in royal years. While Archie’s parents are reportedly doing everything they can to make their son’s upbringing "as normal as possible," there’s simply no way around the fact he is, in fact, royalty. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, decided to opt out of giving Archie a royal title, but that doesn’t mean he’s dodged the duties completely. People are still wondering — will Archie ever be a prince? According to a new report — frankly, yeah.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl spoke with Entertainment Tonight at length about her understanding of Archie’s day-to-day life and the kind of headspace Meghan and Harry seem to be in as new parents. The overwhelming opinion is that Prince Harry seems to have built up a bit of resentment and intolerance to the press. After living out his entire life in the public eye in front of cameras etc., he now wants to protect Archie as much as possible.

"Prince Harry grew up very much in the spotlight, never far away from the gaze of the cameras, and at points in his life that’s been something he has resented," Nicholl said, adding, "My understanding is that at Frogmore, they have essentially built a fortress … Archie is enjoying, albeit a privileged lifestyle, a remarkably ordinary lifestyle."

Nicholl says the decision to omit HRH (His Royal Highness) from Archie’s name was super deliberate and part of this big "normal" plan. However, as she put it, "He is, of course, technically a prince."


Apparently, there is only so much time before Archie will have to face the royal music.

According to the act of succession, Archie will automatically be given the HRH title when his grandfather, Prince Charles the Prince of Wales, steps into the position of king. Nicholl explained, "Things will change when the Prince of Wales becomes King Charles III, because the act of succession means that any sons of sons of monarchs automatically take the HRH title. Sons and now daughters — because the Queen changed that act of succession, so it would incorporate Charlotte."

Sorry, Archie. Soak up all the normal stuff while you can!

It sounds like part of Harry and Meghan’s endeavor to protect Archie from the tricky nuances of royal life is to raise him as if he does not have access to, like, the Queen, among other resources. This apparently means his parents one day expect him to go job hunting. "I am to understand that they want him to grow up living a normal life, to go and get a job, to make a living in the world, to make a difference in the world — but to be normal as opposed to being royal," Nicholl explained.

Not for nothing — the kid is still off to a pretty extraordinary start. For example, he is being christened in the Queen’s private chapel at Windsor Castle on Sunday, July 6. Ya know, just your run-of-the-mill private chapel in your regular ol’ castle.

Good luck, Arch.

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