Zara McDermott’s Covid vaccine appointment cancelled after sharing NHS number online

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Zara McDermott has revealed that her second appointment for her coronavirus vaccine has been cancelled after she shared her NHS number online.

On Thursday, the Made In Chelsea star revealed she had received her first Covid jab and proudly shared her vaccine report card, which had her NHS number written on it.

However, to the 24 year old's shock and horror, someone had appeared to use her personal information to cancel her second Covid-19 vaccination.

"Wow, as if someone just stole my NHS number from my story and cancelled my second dose vaccine????" the former Love Island star wrote on her Instagram Stories.

Zara wrote the message atop a screenshot of the covid vaccination cancellation message she had received.

Earlier, Zara was in much better spirits as she revealed she would finally be receiving her first jab.

However, she was asked by an Instagram follower why she was only just receiving her first vaccination now.

Zara responded, saying: "I had it booked in for June but I got COVID! So I had to wait a month after recovery to get the vaccine, as they are the rules."

The brunette documented her gruelling time recovering from the virus, explaining at the time that she was unable to keep food down after eating.

In July, she wrote on Instagram: "I had Covid weeks ago! But I'm suffering really badly from nausea pretty much all day every day. Then when I eat, I instantly want to vomit.

"I'm struggling to keep down any foods. I went for dinner earlier and felt instantly sick afterwards but tried to hold it in. But the feeling just gets more intense until I throw up."

Zara recently admitted that she still has no sense of smell after getting Covid.

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