17 People Who Drunk Texted Their Boss And Regretted It The Next Day

1.This person who basically quit their job:

2.This person who’s lucky their boss has a sense of humor:

3.This person who had a SpongeBob conspiracy they just had to let out:

4.This person who texted the wrong person:

5.This person who chose to drunk text at the perfect time:

6.This person who made false promises:

7.This person who turned themselves in:

8.This person who was definitely late:

9.This person who gave themselves more work:

10.This person who got off…this time:

11.This person who just needed to go shopping:

12.This person whose drunk cousin decided to do the dirty work for them:

13.This person who’s probably unemployed now:

14.This person who should have probably had two shots less:

15.This person who decided to try out their worst drunken French:

16.This person who made a new brother:

17.And finally, this person who didn’t technically send a text, but I felt like it needed to be included:

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