23 Childhood Moments That Were Just The Absolute Worst

1.When you’d get to a friend’s birthday party late and the only pizza left is was veggie or one with just a gross topping:

2.When you’d have to go through this torture so that your orthodontist could get impressions of your mouth:

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3.When the rubber bands on your braces would pop inside your mouth:

4.When two Legos would get stuck and you’d have to basically tear your fingers off to pull them apart:

5.Or the worst Lego moment: when you’d step on one barefoot:

6.When you’d make a copy of an album a friend had, only to find out it was the clean version:

7.When a toy was so hard to get out the packaging that you basically hurt yourself in the process:

8.When someone in your family would eat all the chocolate flavor in a Neapolitan ice cream:

9.When you’d get the ball stuck in a spot that was impossible to get to:

10.When you’d be specific about what you wanted on your hamburger while at a fast food chain only to have it come with EVERYTHING:

11.When you’d get the same Happy Meal toy over and over:

12.When the teacher would catch you trying to cheat:

13.When your eraser cap would decide to peace out in the middle of a test:

14.When you’d be enjoying a lollipop and all of a sudden feel it cut the inside of your mouth:

15.When you’d spill milk or juice all over yourself ’cause there was a crack in your straw:

16.When you’d try to open your milk carton and this would happen:

17.When you’d sharpen your pencils and they’d turn out like this:

18.When you’d very carefully tear the paper from your notebook only to have this happen:

19.When you’d make pizza rolls and for some reason all the filling would decide to come out:

20.When you’d go trick-or-treating and get a bunch of these candies that you couldn’t even get out of the wrapper:

21.When you got stuck sitting on the school bus seat with the broken spring:

22.When someone (usually your sibling) would trip on and pull out the cord to the controller, just as you were about to beat a level:

23.And finally, when you’d go down a playground slide and have one of these things happen to you:

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