A Bikini-Clad Mindy Kaling Wants Women to Feel Confident This Summer

You know how to get a beach body, right? You just take your body to the beach. Just ask Mindy Kaling, who is showing off her bikini body to help empower other women to feel more comfortable as they hit the beach or pool this summer. Kaling took to Instagram on Friday to share snapshots of herself rocking high-waisted two pieces, and her message is loud and clear: love the skin you’re in.

With summer now really sizzling, it’s more tempting than ever to disrobe and find a cool pool of water to take a plunge. But many of us let insecurities about our bodies creep in and keep us from fully enjoying trips to the beach or pool. And Kaling wants to change women’s relationships to bathing suit season, so she’s leading the charge by example. “IDK who needs to hear this but… WEAR A BIKINI IF YOU WANT TO WEAR A BIKINI. You don’t have to be a size 0,” Kaling captioned side-by-side photos of herself in two different high-waisted bikinis.

And perhaps just as inspiring as Kaling’s body-positive post was the reaction from other women lifting Kaling up. Grown-ish’s Yara Shahidi posted three praise-hands emoji. Model Tess Holliday proclaimed that Kaling was “killin it!!!!!” Actress and playwright Nia Vardalos chimed in, “I wear a bikini and sometimes only wear the bottoms!! #Greece!!!”

In a video shared on the same post, Kaling explained that she was admittedly just as self-conscious at one point as the next person about wearing two-pieces. “My very best friend in the world, Jocelyn, is from Hawaii, and I would go visit her when I was in college, and what I was struck about Hawaii is that everybody wears bikinis. It does not matter what your body type is,” she said. “You rock a bikini ‘cause you’re in Hawaii. And there’s so much body positivity that there I, who was always really shy about my body, would wear bikinis.”

Hell yeah, Kaling! Of course, it goes without saying that The Mindy Project star looked incredible in her swimwear, and her message just makes her even more fierce. So, we’re with her — the beach will get whatever body we get it this summer, and that body will be serving lewks in a two-piece.

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