AI Scammer Sold Fake Frank Oceans Leaks for Thousands

According to a report, an artificial intelligence scammer made thousands of dollars selling fake Frank Ocean leaks. The report notes that a scammer known as “mourningassasin” used AI to generate tracks using Frank Ocean’s voice and passed them off as legitimate leaks.

Breaking down how the scam worked, the report notes mourningassasin “hired a musician” to create around nine “fake Frank Ocean songs” and generated a realistic interpretation using AI and clips of the enigmatic artist’s voice. Sharing a teaser back in April to generate interest, the scammer ultimately sold the tracks for roughly $13,000 CAD (approximately $9,635 USD) under the guise of unreleased music from Frank Ocean. The tracks were sold on a music-leaking forum devoted to Frank Ocean that the scammer has now been banned from.

mourningassasin notes that the fact that Ocean has not released a new album since 2016, along with a recent teaser to Blonde created a situation where fans were eager to believe the AI-generated tracks were real.

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