Carrie Bradshaw is officially back on the scene in episode 7 of And Just Like That…

Warning: this story contains spoilers from the seventh episode of the Sex And The City reboot, And Just Like That.

If you’ve somehow managed to keep up with the whirlwind of changes coming at Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda in HBO Max’s revival of Sex And The City, then you’ll know that it hasn’t been easy for our beloved trio to identify what needs to stay in their lives and what needs to leave in order for them to move forward.

Take, for example, episode six: Carrie moved into a new apartment and pondered a facelift in the interests of forward motion. But in the end, she decided that she was actually pretty happy with her old place, her old memories, and her face, just as it is.

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Charlotte, meanwhile, adjusted to change by getting rid of the culturally inappropriate dolls in her kids’ bedroom and helping Rose – who now goes by the name Rock – redecorate. She isn’t quite so on board, however, when Miranda admits to hooking up with Che over a picnic in the park. Charlotte just wants everyone to stay the same, without realising that Miranda’s identity is evolving before her very eyes – we’ve got the fantasies (directed by Cynthia Nixon herself) for proof of that. 

Elsewhere, Carrie accompanied Seema to her family’s Diwali party, and fended off Seema’s parents intrusive questioning about Seema’s imaginary boyfriend. Afterwards, Seema cemented their bond by giving Carrie a Hindu bracelet. Stepping forward always feels better with friends by your side, after all.

And so to episode seven – Sex And The Widow – which, judging by the name alone, already promises at a new beginning for lovelorn Carrie Bradshaw. Read ahead to find out everything that happens – and be sure to check back every week for the latest recap of And Just Like That.

1. Carrie’s typing at her window watching the seasons change outside. This is the exact fantasy of what I imagined being a writer to be like when I watched SATC the first time around.

2. All the furious typing has paid off, evidently, because Carrie’s written a new book! Her editor adores it too, and wants to fast-track it for the Christmas season.

3. Carrie’s giving Saturday Night Fever in a fabulous lavender blazer with look-at-me-lapels, an orange tie and polka dot spotted shirt. Living for it.

4. Oh, there’s one little problem: the book is very dark. Carrie’s editor is worried that readers might pitch themselves out the window with a tub of Häagen-Dazs.

5. We need a glimmer of hope. Could Carrie go on one teeny date, she wonders?

And Just Like That: Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) decided to text Che Diaz in episode six

6. Lisa Todd Wexley is back making a tennis outfit look desirable. How does she do it?

7. Miranda’s at the most wholesome farmers’ market you’ve ever seen and I just want to take a moment to say that her outfits keep getting better and better. She’s rocking a mint green denim jacket, wooden sandals and cropped jeans, and it’s just *chef’s kiss*.

8. She’s now yelling down the phone at Steve because he’s at the wrong vegetable stand, the traitor.

9. Oh look, Nya has now come along with her husband Andre. She’s introducing him to Miranda, who’s gobsmacked at the sparks between them.

10. Steve’s now bumbled along and Miranda’s looking crestfallen introducing him to Nya. He’s flustered from getting lost and says it’s because Miranda was yelling at him on the phone.

And Just Like That: Nicole Ari Parker as Lisa Todd Wexley

11. We’re now at dinner with Charlotte, Miranda and Seema. Carrie’s announcing that she’s going on a date and Charlotte is hyped: there’s been a wave of divorces at school recently and three adorable dads are now on the market!

12. Carrie doesn’t want anyone connected to her friendship circle, which is fair. Imagine how messy that could be. (rubs hands gleefully.)

13. Seema’s got news for Carrie: she’s already set her up on a dating profile because no one buys real estate in the winter. This woman is on her A-game.

14. Carrie’s maintaining that she doesn’t want any sex out of this, just a story. Miranda’s sceptical of that though and says she’d kill to get back on the rollercoaster, because she’s “been riding the monorail for too long”.

15. Nope, things aren’t better with Steve, in case you’re wondering. “No news is no news!” 

16. Miranda’s now asking Carrie about the lifespan is of an unanswered text because Che never messaged her back. The encounter with Che was the most “transcendent” sex of her life, and she’s looking genuinely devastated that it’ll never happen again. Or will it?

And Just Like That: Karen Pittman as Dr. Nya Wallace and LeRoy McClain as her husband Andre

17. We’re now at Charlotte’s place and Harry is cornering her about why he hasn’t been invited to play mixed doubles with her, LTW and Herbert. Charlotte’s got no choice but to invite him along.

18. Nya’s driving along to dinner with Andre and the car is reading an incoming text from Miranda: “So sorry you’re not pregnant!” She can’t stop the damned thing and nearly mows down two gay dads and their toddler, which doesn’t sound funny but I have a terrible case of schadenfreude and this has really tickled me.

19. Carrie’s back in her apartment swiping through potential dates. Oop, she likes the look of a widower with a salt-and-pepper beard called Peter.

20. We’re back at the tennis court. Charlotte’s hitting her stride, so much so that she knocks Harry over on the court, but she’s damned if she’ll apologise after the match.  

21. Now Charlotte and Harry are full on arguing in the street and LTW and Herbert have spotted them, which is obviously Charlotte’s worst nightmare. “Now we’re THAT couple!” hisses Charlotte.

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22. We’re at Miranda’s place and she’s trying to initiate sex with Steve after dinner. She clearly wants to re-enact her hookup with Che because she wants him to kiss her neck, and oh lord, it’s not working at all. 

23. Miranda’s now called the whole thing off in favour of dessert.

24. Carrie’s rocked up to the restaurant for her date with Peter. Carrie says that Big died after having a heart attack. Peter says that his wife died from ovarian cancer. A good icebreaker, non?

25. OK, clearly a few drinks have been consumed, because Peter and Carrie have just staggered out of the restaurant in hysterics. Share the joke, guys?

26. Oh, now they’re projectile vomiting all over their shoes. To quote Phoebe from Friends, my eyes!

27. We’re now at the PTA gala with Miranda, Charlotte and Anthony. Carrie is regaling them with stories from the date. There’s no light at the end of the tunnel, she says, only vomit.

And Just Like That: Miranda and Carrie discuss their sex lives after dinner in episode seven

28. Harry’s still asking Charlotte why she can’t apologise for pushing him over at tennis. Charlotte says that women apologise all day long for everything and that tennis is the one place she doesn’t have to do that, dammit. Sorry not sorry!

29. Miranda’s now confiding in Carrie that she tried to revive her sex life with Steve but it was a little bit like two dead people trying to get it on.

30. Carrie’s suggesting they see a therapist. Miranda says they don’t need a therapist, just the cast of The Walking Dead. I’m screaming.

31. Che Diaz has suddenly popped up to do a guest appearance on stage. Miranda’s looking a mixture of stunned, crushed and hopeful that her paramour is in attendance and has shot off to watch them, leaving Carrie on her lonesome, which is awkward, because she’s just spotted Peter.

32. Miranda’s trying to catch Che’s eye after their performance but Che is otherwise engaged by two flirtatious PTA mums. Uh oh.

33. Miranda’s now calling an Uber, but hang on a minute, Che’s coming over.

And Just Like That: Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw

34. Miranda’s trying to act casual but it’s coming off as anything but, and Che clearly agrees because they’re asking Miranda why she’s being weird. Miranda’s now explaining that they never messaged her back and that it’s been three months. 

35. Che says they simply missed the message because they do a lot of weed and get a lot of messages, which is not the right thing to say to someone who’s obsessed with you.

36. Omg, Che’s now telling Miranda to ask for what she wants, because it’s a turn on. Also! They want to take Miranda some place and take off all her clothes. I’m hyperventilating.

37. LTW and her husband are arguing inside the gala just as Harry and Charlotte walk by. Guys, you’re all even now.

38. Herbert’s now announcing the next auction lot to the crowd – a date with “sex writer” Carrie Bradshaw! Carrie looks like she wants to murder Charlotte for putting her up for sale with that description but it’s too late for vengeance because she’s been invited up on stage to help drum up some interest.

And Just Like That: Jon Tenney as Peter, Carrie new love interest in episode seven

39. Oh no, no one’s interested in buying a lunch date with Carrie because they’re all married.

40. Scrub that – Peter’s now popped up out of nowhere and placed the winning bid. Carrie looks mortified, but you know what? I think there’s something there.

41. I rest my case. Carrie and Peter are chatting outside and they’ve agreed to go on a second date – sorry I mean the lunch date – for the sake of charity.

42. Agghhh, Miranda’s in bed with Che! And she’s telling them that she’s never felt anything so intense in her life!

43. Oh, she’s just told Che that she thinks she’s fallen in love with them. 

44. Phew, Che doesn’t seem thrown. They think it’s the weed and the fact that they are amazing in bed, and Miranda, it’s safe to say, is not disagreeing.

45. Carrie’s just back to her apartment and is smiling at a text that’s just popped up on her phone. I recognise that smile.

46. Carrie’s now back at her laptop. “And just like that, I found a glimmer of hope”.

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