Catch Big Air Through Desert Ruins in 'Sword of the Sea'

Giant Squid Studios, the creators of the serene underwater adventure game, Abzû, is back with another epic journey titled Sword of the Sea.

The single-player game follows the character Wraith who is resurrected in a desolate Necropolis and tasked with unveiling the region’s lost ocean which was once teaming with life. Using a gold sword blade as your sandboard, players surf through submerged ruins, sinking tombs, mysterious shipwrecks, and battlefields — bringing giant shoals of fish and creatures back along the way. Hidden in the sands, however, are giant leviathans that will stand in your way. The game is said to embody the feeling of snowboarding and skating games in the context of an extended adventure. For the most part, we can expect it to be a therapeutic experience with thrilling surprises around each corner.

Sword of the Sea is currently in development for PS5 and Steam. Join the dedicated Discord for timely updates.

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