Chef puts unique twist on strawberries and cream – but not everyone will be keen

There are plenty of things you can pair strawberries with to make a tasty dessert – from dunking them in a rich chocolate fondue to slicing them on top of pancakes or over yoghurt.

Traditionally around this time of year people tend to tuck into a bowl of strawberries and cream, especially if they're watching the tennis.

But one thing you might not have thought to eat your strawberries with is a savoury Heinz sauce – because, why would you?

However according to one London-based chef, a particular Heinz product is the perfect partner for the bright red berries.

Bernado Garea, the head chef at Ely's restaurant has put a quirky spin on the classic Wimbledon treat.

Instead of adding a dollop of extra-thick cream onto his strawberries, he's serving them up to customers with Salad Cream.

Yep, you read that right. SALAD CREAM.

The foodie expert claims the sweet taste of the fruit goes "brilliantly" with the creamy and tangy Salad Cream, creating a unique dessert experience.

He said: "Much like partnering fresh strawberries with balsamic vinegar, the sweetness of the strawberries contrasts favourably with the zinginess of Heinz Salad Cream, I think the combination is the perfect match."

Those keen to discover whether or not he's right can try the pudding for themselves from now up until July 14 as it is on the menu at Ely's Department Store in Wimbledon.

A bowl of the stuff will set you back £4.20 – this is a tad more expensive than the strawberries and cream actually being sold at Wimbledon which cost £2.50 per serving of at least ten Grade 1 English strawberries.

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