DJI's Air 2S Combines High Flight Performance With Exceptional 5.4K Video Capabilities

DJI has just introduced its new Air 2S drone, combining robust photography and videography functionalities with high flight performance.

On the camera front, the Air 2S carries a new one-inch sensor that can capture 20-megapixel still images as well as 5.4K video at 30fps or 4K resolutions at a faster 60fps and 150Mbps. Digital zoom supports up to 4X magnification at 4K 30fps, 6X magnification at 2.7K 30fps, 4X at 2.7K 60fps, 6X at 1080P 60fps, and a maximum of 8X at 1080P 30fps. Depending on your preferences for image quality and storage capacity, you’ll also be able to record in either H264 or H265 compressions, along with three video color profiles: Normal (8 bit), D-Log (10 bit) or HLG (10 bit).

Aside from exceptional photography and videography capabilities, the Air 2S also flies great, thanks to the company’s latest Advanced Pilot Assistance System 4.0, which allows the drone to fly completely autonomously through obstacles. The update includes a wider field of view when you’re flying at normal speeds while a newly added upward sensor allows the drone to better detect incoming obstacles when flying at high speeds. Other standard features include 31 minutes of flight time, a 12km maximum range, the plane-detecting AirSense system as well as the homing Return-To-Home feature, which automatically brings the drone back to its launch point if the battery is running low or communication with the controller has been lost.

For those interested, DJI’s new Air 2S drone is now available over on the company’s website, going for $1,000 USD for the standard kit and $1.300 USD for the Fly More Combo, which includes two additional batteries, a set of ND filters, a charging hub and a shoulder bag.

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