Domino's Australia Launches New Cheesy Vegemite Pizza

Domino’s has created a fusion of two food cultures that bridges the most iconic Australian food with American pizza.

Aussie pizza lovers are in for a treat as Domino’s pizza has taken one step further with its new limited-edition cheesy Vegemite pizza. Not only are they including a whole new layer to the pizza, but the Vegemite adds a new depth of flavor to the cheesy goodness. Pizza enthusiasts can now chime in on the debate and try the delectable pair of the salty, slightly bitter taste of Vegemite with the savory and rich melted mozzarella.

The creation comes after Domino’s took to social media to ask their followers if they would try a Vegemite pizza. With over 30,000 likes and 12,000 comments, the resounding yeses became a reality. Though the pairing may be quite polarizing to some, those down under can now put it to test. The new Cheesy Vegemite Pizza is now available at Domino’s Australia for $7.95 AUD ($5.84 USD) and will only be available for three weeks.

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