Duckwrth and His Rebellious Musical Approach

Duckwrth announced the Chrome Bull EP will be released on August 26 alongside a vibrant, sex-positive new single “Ce Soir” featuring Syd out now.

Known for his genre-bending sound, Duckwrth has collected millions of streams across his catalog and a cult following across the globe. Hypebeast had a chat with the LA-based recording artist regarding his musical inspirations, staying true to his art and more regarding his latest single “Ce Soir”. Read on to learn more.

Your music is extremely feel-good and hyperactive. What inspires your sound?

If you were to dig in the goodie bag of my musical inspiration, you’d pull out Earth, Wind & Fire, OutKast, Bad Brains, Radiohead, random makeout sessions, 7 PM magic hour and the introduction to “The Neptunes Present… Clones” on a 5 hour loop.

Could you tell us a little bit more about your upcoming collaboration with Syd? How did that come about?

I’ve known Syd for a good amount of years from the music scene. It was always small moments of admiration when we’d bump into each other. Fast forward, my producer Wave IQ and I just finished “Ce Soir”, so I was calling my Uber home. I hop in and play the song once and it hit me immediately, “Syd would be perfect for the second verse!”. Besides having one the best vocal textures in R&B, I thought Syd would totally vibe with the meaning of the song (apply devil grin emoji here). Anywho, I texted to her the open verse and 3 hours later, she sent me a 16. I wish all of life was that swift and effortless.


Where do you find the drive to stay true to your art and your own vision when working in an industry that comes with a lot of opinions?

I battle with that honestly. For years, I’ve been rebellious with my music and aesthetic. Sadly, sometimes the rebellious route takes longer. Now, I’m at a crossroad where I can take things to another level as far as commercial success – that may require hearing people’s opinions and putting your ear to what’s current, but there is no art made without some type of critique or opinion. Art with no opinion is like the whole, “if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it” theory. Overall, I stay true to myself and keep artistic integrity because of all the artist I looked up to when I was younger – the NERD’s, the Lauryn Hill’s, the Thom Yorkes. They were creative as f*ck and had amazing commercial success, so why can’t I?

What other projects do you have in store for the remainder of the year?

“Ce Soir” is the second installment to my soul dance EP “Chrome Bull”. I’m touring that project in the fall as well. A lot of dancing, a lot of sweating and I’m probably going to lose mad pounds come December. But yes, look out for that EP. Once u press play, u wont want to sit down.

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