Fans Lost It After Kate Middleton Showed Off Her Hidden Talent During a Surprise Appearance for Eurovision

For the opening sequence of the final day of Eurovision, fans got a serious surprise — especially royal fans! If you didn’t tune in, we’ll tell you: Kate Middleton played the piano for over 160 million viewers!

On May 12, Prince William and Kate’s official Instagram page @princeandprincessofwales showed a clip of Kate’s surprise solo appearance for this year’s Eurovision. They shared the clip with the caption reading, “A #Eurovision surprise 🎹 A pleasure to join @kalush.official in a special performance of last year’s winning @eurovision entry. Enjoy the show, Liverpool 🪩.”

You can see the video HERE!

In the clip, we get a behind-the-scenes look of Kate looking like a magical goddess in her flowing blue gown from Jenny Packham (and earrings from the Queen Mother) while playing the piano.

Now, for Kate’s surprise performance, she played a touching piano number alongside last year’s Ukrainian winners: the Kalush Orchestra, as a tribute to Ukraine after President Zelensky was banned. To say this took everyone by surprise would be an understatement, and everyone is so excited to see the Princess of Wales showing off her hidden talent again!

For those that don’t know, Kate has been playing the piano since childhood, specifically when she was 11. Since then, she’s played piano recreationally, wowing everyone with her hidden talent in Dec 2021 when she played for the Christmas carol concert. Along with Kate, Queen Elizabeth II, and Princess Diana played piano, so it’s just a must for the British Royal family!

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