Get to Know Blake Moynes, The Bachelorette Suitor Who Broke the Rules to Comfort Clare

Clare Crawley may have her eye on Dale Moss after their instantaneous connection during The Bachelorette premiere, but there’s one other suitor who’s caught our eye: bad boy Blake Moynes.

OK, calling Blake a bad boy is probably a stretch, but the 29-year-old Canadian made quite a mark with his controversial introduction to the current Bachelorette. As Clare revealed during their one-on-one time in the season 16 premiere, Blake reached out to her via Instagram before filming began, which is a very strict no-no with production. Clare and her 31 contestants were quarantining separately at the time and the 39-year-old hairstylist was struggling with being away from her mother, who has Alzheimer’s and dementia and had injured herself after a fall. The younger man reached out to the Bachelorette after seeing her Instagram Story to check on her and let her know she wasn’t alone.

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