Halsey and Jimmy Fallon's Google-Translated Backstreet Boys Duet Has Us Cackling

Halsey just teamed up with Jimmy Fallon for the Backstreet Boys duet we never knew we needed — well, a heavily remixed version, that is. The singer stopped by The Tonight Show on Wednesday night and played a game of Google Translate Songs with the late-night host, belting out a few tracks after their lyrics were completely reworked by Google Translate.

Halsey first performed Madonna’s “Like a Virgin,” which was edited to “Unwed Woman” for the purposes of the challenge, before taking a stab at her own hit song “Without Me,” which hilariously translated to “You Soft Head.” She and Fallon ended the game on a nostalgic note, singing the (very random) lyrics of “I Desire Roads,” Google’s remixed take on the Backstreet Boys’s “I Want It That Way.” All we have to say is LO-freakin’-L.

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