H&T Playfully Estimates the Real Price of Iconic Video Game Items

A new study by H&T whimsically considers how much items from popular games would cost in real life. Taking such titles as Sonic the Hedgehog, Minecraft, Zelda, The Sims, and Mario Kart, to name a few, the report factors in the material, purpose, and rarity to estimate each of the items’ price tags.

At the top of the list is one of Sonic’s gold rings which was estimated to weigh in at around 256 pounds per ring, totaling a market price of £5.8 billion GBP (roughly $7.7 billion USD). Coming in second place was the solid diamond pickaxe from Minecraft where its 4,668-carat head would cost £5 billion GBP ($6.7 billion USD) if even a diamond that size did exist.

Check out the infographic above to see what some items from your favorite childhood video games would cost in real life.

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