Huna's Edit of Araya’s “Echo” Arrives with a Chaotic Music Video from RAPRAVE

As June approaches, everyone is on the hunt for the latest anthems to soundtrack their summer. Adding to that buzz is the emerging NYC music collective RAPRAVE, releasing its latest infusion of electronic and hip-hop genres, and a music video to go along with it. Featuring London-based DJ and producer Huna, the song remixes Thai-Chilean NYC artist Araya’s “Echo,” a cut from his latest album, Ethos.

The track brings together emotionally-layered lyrics with a Jungle beat that quickly morphs into an electronic, New Orleans-inspired bounce. It’s a chaotic good mirrored in the quick on the song’s visual. The video was co-produced by RAPRAVE and Huna and came together in a manner similar to how the remix was created.

“With the music video, I wanted something that reflected this sense of simplicity and unexpected harmony. The video consists of a bunch of completely random clips edited together,” Huna said. “At first glance, they may seem unrelated, but just like the sparse elements of the track coming together to form a cohesive sound, the clips form a captivating narrative when paired with the music. I feel like the balance of spontaneity and structure does an amazing job of representing the song’s spirit in a visual context.”

Stream Huna’s fresh edit of Araya’s “Echos” everywhere now and watch the official RAPRAVE music video above.

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