Jeff Staple and Liz Beecroft Team Up to Launch Capsule Collection for Mental Health Awareness

Fashion and graphic designer Jeff Staple has partnered up with psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker Liz Beecroft to honor Mental Health Awareness Month through an apparel and accessories capsule collection. The line by Staple x Mentl Sesh is called “A Staple of Your Well-Being” and features a hoodie, t-shirt, wellness journal, pill box and a stress reliever pigeon toy.

For the launch of the capsule, Staple and Beecroft convened for a conversation about mental health, where Jeff opened up about his mental health journey and managing stress over the course of his career. The conversation is available for viewing on the Mentl Sesh Youtube channel.

“Mental health is important and is something each and every single one of us has,” Beecroft said in a press release. “By collaborating on this collection with Jeff, we’re breaking down the stigma behind the topic of mental health especially within the streetwear space. It’s okay to be honest and real about your feelings and what we go through.”

The capsule collection is available exclusively on Staple Pigeon. All proceeds will benefit Made of Millions, a nonprofit advocacy organization seeking to change how the world perceives mental health.

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