Jorja Smith’s “Little Things” Details the Magic in Uniqueness

Jorja Smith has released a new track titled “Little Things,” which finds the allure is what makes us all unique.

Whether it be a smile, style or sense of humor, the song talks about the “little things” that catch our interest when it comes to romantic partners. “It’s the little things that gets me high/Won’t you come with me and spend the night/Just a little thing for you and I/And if it’s meant to be, then thats alright.” As it pertains to love, the song takes a lighthearted approach towards romantic interactions and enjoying that special someone. Whether it’s just for a night or something longer, there’s beauty in enjoying whatever it is.

Aside from the both energetic and romantic party scenes, what makes the accompanying video extra special is its series of real interviews with people discussing what they like in a partner and what their love language is. Just last month, the British songstress released a confident new cut “Try Me,” so the succession of releases could hint at something larger on the way.

Check out “Little Things” in the music video above.

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