Julie Curtiss Intertwines Reality and Dreams in Latest Exhibition at Anton Kern Gallery

French artist Julie Curtiss unveils a new showcase entitled “Somnambules (Sleepwalkers)” with Anton Kern Gallery in New York City. While art is mainly always personal, this solo exhibition at hand is far more intimate for the Brooklyn-based artist as she digs deep into thoughts dominated by the lack of sleep.

Curtiss creates a visually surreal depiction of emotions that are both highly relative and unsettling yet strangely comforting. Her works are a combination of numerous aspects that range from day-to-day experiences of loneliness and anxiety fused with comedy and urban settings.

“This exhibition is a particularly personal one for the artist,” indicated by the gallery. “Plagued by insomnia and grappling with processing the toll the past few years have taken, Curtiss often felt like a sleepwalker herself while creating this body of work–day and night, light and darkness running into each other in a blurry timeless vacuum.”

The series of works follows Curtiss’ faceless figures into moments that muddy the lines between the world of reality and dreamscapes. Familiar encounters are met with confusion which intertwines with what could be or never would happen.

“Somnambules (Sleepwalkers)” is now on view till October 22, 2022.

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Anton Kern Gallery
16 E 55th St,
New York, NY
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