Kraft Is Giving Away 100 Gallons of Mayo to Combat "Mayophobia"

Kraft has just released a new promotional contest to help combat “Mayophobia.” This initiative looks to change the minds of consumers who dislike the appearance and texture of the condiment.

Set to release over 100 gallons of Mayo, the Mayo will be packaged in an “Overcoming Mayophobia Kit” which starts off with a small two-ounce packet with a Mayo blindfold to help consumers focus on the taste, then a Mayo clothespin to block out the smell, and finally a Sharpie to whimsically rename the bottle of mayo. The final step in converting over to a Mayo lover is a full one-gallon tallboy tub of the liquid white gold itself.

Those interested in entering the contest can do so through Twitter or Instagram from now until April 8. Head over to the dedicated site now for more info, and watch the comedic promotional video above for a good laugh.

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