Llainwire's New Record "Demons" Is the Definition of Individuality

Bristol-based musician Llainwire has just dropped a brand-new single titled “Demons” and it hears the future-facing artist express his magnetic energies across a two-minute record.

Laying his Auto-Tuned melodies across a trippy instrumental — produced by Llainwire himself — the rapper’s choppy flow dips in and out of harmonic pleasure and cut-throat rhymes; rhymes that secure Llainwire as one of the most unique in the UK. And while some similarities could be heard from the Skepta-co-signed Lancey Foux, Llainwire’s approach to the music game lives in a completely different realm, merging a CGI-created universe with inner-city living in Britain.

The accompanying visuals, once again curated solely by Llainwire, take a hallucinogenic trip around a skyscraper office, while further special effects plaster Llainwire’s charismatic personality across corresponding buildings throughout the dark city.

You can check out the “Demons” visuals from Llainwire above and the song is available to stream below.

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