Lost Pilot for '90s American Live-Action Adaptation of 'Sailor Moon' Surfaces

Before North America received an English dub of Toei Animation‘s original Japanese animated series, an American live-action adaptation of Sailor Moon was conceived, and ultimately scrapped, in the ’90s. A 17-minute pilot for the show was made but never publicly shown, aside from a viewing at Anime Expo years ago, until now.

The full pilot was recently uncovered and featured in a documentary by lost media YouTube documentarian Ray Mona. Holding a cult status among American Sailor Moon fans, Mona received permission to show the pilot from former Bandai America President, Frank Ward, after obtaining the footage from The Library of Congress.

Colloquially known online as “Saban Moon,” after its Haim Saban, the producer that brought the Power Rangers to North America, the adaptation of Sailor Moon was initially set to premiere in 1994 on FOX alongside Power Rangers. The scrapped show featured live-action footage by producers Renaissance Atlantic, filmed on Saved by the Bell sets and animation by studio Toon Makers.

Watch the lost pilot for the ’90s American live-action adaptation of Sailor Moon above, and catch the documentary chronicling the uncovering below.

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