MADSTEEZ Invites You to the “WEENverse” With New NFT

Mark Paul Deren, aka MADSTEEZ, is dropping an exclusive NFT titled ://_WEENesis_4:44 via Blockparty.

Known for vivid multi-layered paintings and murals, where the strange and familiar intersect, MADSTEEZ’s approach is partly influenced by being blind in one eye. The artist only sees abstractions of colors, notably that of reds, purples and oranges, which recurrently seep back into his work. The NFT urges bidders to “Enter the WEENverse. But travel wisely, as the all-knowing all-seeing omniscient tWEENs, WEENesis_4:44 will be watching.”

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MADSTEEZ recently dabbled in NFTs through a collaboration with Delorean for the automaker’s 40th anniversary, which saw 40 different video animations of the car.

Bidding has begun for the ://_WEENesis_4:44 video NFT, with a current valuation at $14,444 USD. The Blockparty auction will close in about four days. For those in Miami, the NFT is currently on display at the nft now x Christie’s “The Gateway” event during Art Basel.

Elsewhere, Rijksmuseum will host the largest Vermeer exhibition in 2023.
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