Original Crash Bandicoot voice actor dies aged 60

Brendan O’Brien voiced not just Crash Bandicoot but several of his villains in the Naughty Dog era of PlayStation 1 games.

Long time fans of the Crash Bandicoot games are in mourning at the moment, as they have recently learned of the death of one of its original voice actors, Brendan O’Brien.

Both of O’Brien’s parents were actors and he primarily worked for movies and TV shows, but he was perhaps best known for being the voice behind Crash Bandicoot.

He may never have spoken full sentences, but he provided all of Crash’s various yelps and screams (including the now memetic ‘woah!’) which many fans still remember dearly.

It wasn’t just Crash either. He did the voices of several of the series’ villains as well, including Tiny Tiger and N. Gin. He even voiced main antagonist Dr Cortex, at least for the first game.

Aside from the original trilogy of PlayStation 1 games, O’Brien worked on the kart racer Crash Team Racing, party game Crash Bash, and Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath Of Cortex (the first post-Naughty Dog mainline entry).

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