Pininfarina's First Bespoke Battista Is Inspired by New York City

In a world rife with hypercars and electric cars that can perform the unimaginable, Pininfarina is making a case for the ultimate level of customization. Its Battista hyper GT is an all-electric, 1,900 HP, 1,696 lb-ft. of torque-producing road-legal rocket, and in addition to the already incredibly exclusive club this car belongs to, Pininfarina wants to make the car stand out more than anything that’s ever come before it by allowing customers to customize nearly every inch of their Battista.

The first fully bespoke Battista is the one you can see above, and it’s inspired by New York City. Featuring industry-first carbon fiber bodywork in red, white, and blue (just like the U.S. flag), the car uses “Iconica Blu” thread throughout the exterior to create an aesthetic that’s completely unique to the Battista.

Speaking on the design process, Sara Campagnolo, Head of Color and Materials Design at Automobili Pininfarina, said: “The Pininfarina name has a storied heritage of individual cars, and the Battista continues this legacy as every vehicle will be truly bespoke by design. Our clients have the unique opportunity to join the Automobili Pininfarina family, immersing themselves in the design process with our talented craftspeople to ensure their vehicle authentically reflects their personality and tastes, created with a truly personal touch. Clients have the opportunity to drive forward the development of sustainable luxury, whilst creating a unique collector’s piece.”

Aside from the blue carbon weave, you’ll find “Performance Stripes” and pinstripes in “Bianco Sestriere” which were laid by hand to accentuate and highlight the intricacies of the bodywork. Black exposed carbon fiber and red jewelry decorate the car all around, while the wheels are finished in “Dark Matte Grey” with brushed aluminum center-locks in anodized black, matching the roof, diffuser, rear wing, and the headlight engraving.

Pininfarina’s customization is practically endless, with the same red, white, and blue theme continuing inside the Battista’s cabin. The chassis plaque is also available for personalization, and the end result means that — ideally — no two Pininfarina Battistas will be the same.

Take a look at the New York City-inspired Battista above, and find out more on Pininfarina’s website.

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