PlayStation and Xbox congratulate Nintendo on Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom launch

Rival companies, including Sony and Ubisoft, are being good sports by congratulating Nintendo on Tears Of The Kingdom’s launch.

There may still be another seven months to go until the end of the year, but we doubt any other game will have as big of a launch as The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom.

It’s already the top-rated game on OpenCritic, which you’d think would make executives at rival companies jealous of Nintendo, as they pressurise their teams to concoct their own equivalent to Tears Of The Kingdom.

That doesn’t seem to be the case though, as things on social media are looking surprisingly friendly, as console rivals and third party publishers wish the game and its fans well.

The official PlayStation Twitter account posts a simple ‘Have fun up there, Hylians!’ alongside a cloud emoji, referencing the new sky islands that Link explores.

Breath Of The Wild launched less than a week after Horizon Zero Dawn, and while that didn’t affect it’s sales it was unfortunate that two giant open world games came out at exactly the same time. (The same thing happened with Horizon Forbidden West, which managed to launch at the same time as Elden Ring.)

At time of writing, there’s no mention of Zelda on the Xbox Twitter account but the Sea Of Thieves account makes a less than subtle nod to its popularity, even saying it doesn’t blame its players for ditching its game in favour of Nintendo’s.

‘We won’t shed any tears if you’re too busy in another kingdom for a sail today,’ it reads.

The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom is available for Nintendo Switch.

Ok, so Tears of the Kingdom completely stole the whole building contraptions thing from Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts ….. 🤣😆

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