Ron Herman Links up With DESCENDANT and THINC PROJECT for an Environmentally Focused Capsule

Ron Herman x DESCENDANT x Thinc Project have teamed up for the first time to deliver a capsule collection. Since its inception in 1976, Ron Herman has preached the ideals of high-quality products for a high-quality lifestyle. The first triple collaboration between the three brands is meant to tackle the environmental issues of the industry and urges consumers to think about ways to be more environmentally friendly.

In order to combat the issues, Thinc Project has vowed to utilize discarded materials to create their products. This particular capsule breathes new life into prototypes that have not yet been sold. Made up of patchwork designs from prototypes, mostly denim, Ron Herman fuses the leftover fabrics together into contemporary pieces. Aside from a Thinc Project labeled apparel collection that features jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts and caps, it also includes one-of-a-kind home items including sofas and rugs. Since all the pieces are constructed out of up-cycled items, the color and sizing may vary.

The collection is available at the Ron Herman Futakotamagawa Store from January 15 to 30. For more details check out the official website.

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