Royal fans lay into Harry saying he owns just one ‘scruffy’ pair of shoes

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex may not have as large a budget as the Cambridges , but with their own private fortunes, they're still doing alright for themselves.

That said, it's Meghan's spending and wardrobe which often comes under a rather punishing spotlight – a downside of being a female royal is even your fascinator comes under scrutiny.

So, to even the playing field just that little bit, royal fans are turning their attentions to Prince Harry .

In the pictures from Archie's christening , Harry is sporting a light suit and a pair of brown suede brogues.

It's not the first time we've seen these shoes. It's not even the second, third or fourth time.

And it's probably not going to be the last because, hey, when you have a comfy pair of shoes which work for you, then you wear them as much as you can.

But social media users called Harry "scruffy" among other comments…

"Does Harry OWN another pair of shoes and laces? Quite scruffy for his first child’s christening?" one critic asked.

"Is this the exact same suit and suede shoes he wore when he showed the world his son?" wondered someone else.

"Prince Harry is wearing exactly the same suit, brown desert boots, white shirt as he wore to present Archie." another social media user confirmed.

The brogues were first spotted in October, shortly before the Sussexes shared the happy news about Meghan's pregnancy.

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