Song Hye-kyo slammed for having good time at ritzy events after Song Joong-ki files for divorce

At first, many netizens were on South Korean actress Song Hye-kyo’s side.

They felt that actor Song Joong-ki, 33, had sprung a nasty surprise on her, with his revelation on June 26 that he is seeking a divorce from her.

She was away in Thailand doing a photo shoot for an advertiser.

The two stars of the 2016 drama Descendants Of The Sun married in 2017.

Hye-kyo, 37, has yet to comment on the break-up but has not let the matter affect her career. She appeared in China a week after the breakup news at a promotional event for a Korean cosmetics firm.

Over the weekend, she was in Monaco, where she hobnobbed with celebrities like actress Natalie Portman and Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova at a Chaumet jewellery exhibition.

But this latest public sighting has not gone down well with some netizens, who said they were uncomfortable over seeing her enjoying herself so soon after a serious, life-changing divorce.

“She doesn’t look distressed to me,” one netizen noted. Another said: “Divorce isn’t a crime but how can you smile and try to look pretty as if nothing happened?”

Yet another person wrote: “It’d be more considerate to her partner if she just stayed quiet for now.”

Others in the anti-Hye-kyo camp noted that the divorce had so affected Joong-ki’s father that he reportedly refused to leave his house, embarrassed and upset over what his son had done.

They said a Descendants Of The Sun theme park in South Korea also faces possible ruin with a drastic drop in the number of visitors.

But Hye-kyo’s supporters are fending off the negative talk.

“Yes, go out there and show the world that you are dignified, elegant, classy and beautiful,” one posted.

As for Joong-ki, industry observers said some sympathy is now going his way.

His agency said he is taking time out from public events, which is considered the appropriate thing to do, post-divorce, in still-conservative South Korea.

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