Sony's New FlavorGraph Program Tells You Which Ingredients to Pair When Cooking

Sony has unveiled a new program called FlavorGraph that uses AI technology to let you know which ingredients, in theory, go well together when cooking.

FlavorGraph uses a deep learning system developed by Sony and researchers at Korea University, who examined the molecular contents of ingredients and how they’ve been used traditionally in recipes. The researchers and programmers came up with a large database that includes the profiles of 1,561 flavor molecules. All of this was cross-referenced with close to one million recipes to find patterns in how ingredients have been historically combined.

So far, FlavorGraph hasn’t come across any weird or astounding flavor combinations — most of them we already know, like cookies and ice cream. The researchers, however, are hopeful to come across new discoveries as they believe they’re just getting started: “As the science develops and we get ever better representations of food, we should discover more and more intriguing pairings of ingredients, as well as new substitutes for ingredients that are either unhealthy or unsustainable.”

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