Sydney Sweeney Breaks Down Nocturne's Ambiguous Ending: "I See It as a Metaphor"

Watch out! This post contains spoilers.

Sydney Sweeney isn’t afraid of a challenge, and that’s exactly what drew her to Blumhouse’s Nocturne in the first place. While many recognize Sweeney as the popular Cassie from Euphoria, Nocturne — which premiered on Oct. 13 on Amazon Prime Video — sees her as Juliet Lowe, a girl stuck in the shadow of her more musically talented twin sister, Vivian. When Juliet discovers the mysterious notebook of a dead classmate, her talent soon eclipses her sister’s, and she earns a place in the senior concerto — although it comes with a sinister price.

Tensions run high between Sweeney’s Juliet and Madison Iseman’s Vivian as their sibling rivalry comes to a head. Their onscreen chemistry makes it feel as if they’ve known each other forever, and that’s because they practically have. In an interview with POPSUGAR, Sweeney revealed the reason their onscreen relationship has such a realistic feel. “Madison and I actually went to high school together, so we were friends growing up. We always kind of went up against each other in everything,” she said. “We were so excited to finally do something together and play sisters. Because we are friends, it was easier for us to play around with emotions towards each other.”

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