Teenage Engineering Updates Its Iconic OP-1 Field Synthesizer With 100 New Features

For the first time since its debut in 2011, Teenage Engineering has now revamped the iconic OP-1 synthesizer with a series of welcome upgrades.

Now with more than a decade of experience and technology under its belt, the Swedish electronics company has reimagined the model, giving the handy device a new name: the OP-1 Field synthesizer. While it retains its mobility with a small form factor, the synthesizer receives an even thinner and slimmer profile along with better, louder speakers. In fact, the team managed to give the OP-1 Field a whopping 100 new features, including Bluetooth midi, stereo throughout its whole signal chain, reworked graphics on its high-resolution glass display, a bumped-up 24-hour battery life, and even FM broadcasting.

For the creatives out there interested in Teenage Engineering’s reimagined OP-1 Field synthesizer, the gadget is now available for $2,000 USD, and you can learn more over on the product’s website.

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