The 17 Times Jake Peralta And Charles Boyle From "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Were The Toitest Bros

1.When Jake asked Boyle to be his “BM”.

2.Every single time they come up with the perfect high-five for the situation.

3.When they perfectly showed what it means to be a best friend, even in the most simple of ways:

4.Every. Single. Time. Boyle proudly and enthusiastically introduces himself as Jake’s best friend.

5.And in return, Jake always tries to hype Boyle up whenever he can.

6.Every time they give each other badass nicknames.

7.Personal space? With your best friend? What is that?

8.The way Boyle makes an effort to include Jake in every part of his life … even the intimate bits.

9.When Boyle casually admitted that he tracks Jake through his cellphone.

10.The way Boyle supports Jake’s decision to spread his le-wings with zero judgement.

11.And every time Boyle and Peralta just sync up perfectly.

12.When Jake learned that being a best friend doesn’t mean fixing the problem for them, but supporting them through thick and thin instead.

13.And that time where Charles missed Jake so much while he was in prison that he would dream about hanging out with him.

14.You can’t forget the time they taught us that real friendship is accepting the other person no matter how embarrassing they act in public.

15.And the way Charles celebrated Jake’s excitement of being in the building Die Hard was filmed in and took total Instagram-worthy pics of him instead of making fun of him.

16.Also! Matching! Hats! Even if they’re the wrong kind of tight.

17.And most importantly, at the end of the day, that no matter what happens Boyle and Peralta will always be best friends for life.

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