'The Last Dance' Producer Reportedly Filming LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers

A documentary series focusing on LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers could be in the vault from producers of The Last Dance, the 10-episode docuseries that touched on Michael Jordan‘s career and final season with the Chicago Bulls.

John Ireland, the Lakers radio analyst of ESPN Los Angeles, shared in his recent appearance on the Awful Announcing Podcast that James and the Lakers have had a film crew following them around this season — although it remains unclear if a docuseries will ever release. “I hope I’m not talking out of school here, Andy Thompson, the guy who shot The Last Dance, Mychal Thompson’s younger brother, who has worked for the NBA for 30 years, has spent a ton of time with us this year,” he revealed. “So if LeBron ever wanted to go down this road, I think Andy is stockpiling that just so he has it and has the opportunity to tell the story.”

He continued, “If we go on a magical run to the title, Andy, who was the driving force behind The Last Dance, most of the stuff you saw in those 10 episodes was shot by Andy Thompson. And Andy’s a smart guy, he’s already working on, potentially, a story about the end of LeBron’s run like he had one for the end of Jordan’s run.”

Ireland added that there was also a film crew filming the late Kobe Bryant during the last two seasons of his NBA career. “The good news is, if you’re a basketball fan, that all this footage exists,” he continued. “Whether it ever comes out and they know what to do with it is another story, but they’re shooting it and it all exists.”

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