This beloved celebrity book club is back on TV tonight with a summer special

On the hunt for summer holiday reading material? Look no further, as the Sky Arts Book Club is back with a summer special.

Now that barbecues, after-work pub drinks and Proper Summer Holidays have returned to our lives, the quest for excellent reading material is also underway. If you’ve paid a visit to your local bookshop recently, you’ll know that there’s been a bumper crop of fiction and non-fiction releases this year –and that means that book recommendations are needed now more than ever before.

It’s with serendipitous timing, then, that the much-loved TV series Sky Arts Book Club returns tonight with a summer special of bestselling authors and book club chat. Hosted by dynamic duo Andi Oliver and Elizabeth Day, the series is back on our screens with a fascinating insight into what’s making waves in the literary world.

The Sky Arts Book Club Summer Reads Special

For those who are unfamiliar, the series builds on the success of The Sky Arts Book Club Live, and weaves together the compelling elements of book clubs that are currently experiencing a resurgence around the country right now. Just like an IRL book club, this one meets every month in order to give viewers a chance to properly read the material and participate in the discussion, and invites four members of an existing club to come in every week and chat about new releases and favourite classics.

What the show also brings to the table, though, is a liberal sprinkling of literary stardust. Alongside book recommendations from in-the-know podcaster Simon Savidge, the show invites renowned authors to the club to discuss their latest works and answer juicy questions from the panel. While the authors are in the hotseat, they also spill the beans on what’s on their beside table bookstack.

The Sky Arts Book Club

So who exactly is lined up for this fabulous summer book club, we hear you ask? Well, the episode guide reads like a who’s-who in the literary world right now.

Tonight, the summer special welcomes Hollywood actor-turned-author Minnie Driver, who joins the all-female Bad Form book club to discuss her raw and honest memoir Managing Expectations.

If that wasn’t enough to pique your interest, the show also features a guest appearance from Caleb Azumah Nelson, who won the 2021 Costa First Novel Award for his poignant love story Open Water.

The Sky Arts Book Club

Not only does the new run of the literary show offer excellent book recommendations, but it also provides something refreshingly different in the TV landscape right now. As much as we love action, horror and sci-fi shows, listening to thoughtful, interesting book club chat in in a simple studio setting is a real delight. Plus, if your day is ever feeling a bit drab, the colourful wardrobes of Oliver and Day will definitely lift your spirits.

While you’re here, we highly recommend you explore the first two seasons of the literary series, which sees everyone from Paris Lees and Bernardine Evaristo to Marian Keyes and Sebastian Faulks sit down to discuss their work.

All that’s left to do is chill the wine and ensure you have a plentiful supply of snacks on standby.

The Sky Arts Book Club Summer Reads Special airs tonight at 8pm on Sky Arts and Now

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