This Ugly Betty cast reunion has got us all feeling a little bit nostalgic

Written by Leah Sinclair

The cast reunited for dinner and led many Ugly Betty fans to reflect on the legacy of the show.

For many of us millennials, Ugly Betty was a real weekly treat.

I remember eagerly awaiting to see Betty, Marc, Wilhelmina and the gang as they sauntered across the halls of Mode Magazine every week on Channel 4. It was a TV staple for a teenager with a love of magazines, and it’s even seeing a resurgence among Gen Z as they come to find the show on streaming platforms and truly understand the chokehold it had on the rest of us.

And now, three of our favourite Ugly Betty cast members have reunited – for dinner, at least.

America Ferrera shared a series of photos along with her Ugly Betty co-stars Vanessa Williams and Michael Urie – and the pictures have sent fans into a frenzy.

In the series of photos, the trio can be seen posing with their signature facial expressions from the ABC show, alongside other photos of smiles and silly faces.

“Betty & Marc & Wilhelmina. Some things never change. #uglybettyfamilyforever #reunion,” Ferrera captioned the post.

Many took to social media to share their excitement at seeing the trio together again, along with pleas to bring the show back.

“For the love, PLEASE bring back this show,” commented one user. “It was one of my faves of ALL TIME! Even my teenager loves it. Last year we watched the whole thing together. So many great life lessons.”

Another shared: “We need to see Betty’s life in London! And Daniel! Where is Alexis!? Hilda!? I love this show!!”

A third commented on the importance of the show. “Ugly Betty was such an important show in my life, given I too was undocumented at one point and was the person in charge of helping my family navigate life in the USA,” they commented. “I miss Ugly Betty so much and am still hoping for an Ugly Betty movie to be made so I can see you three and the rest of the cast in your former roles.”

It’s hard to believe the kitschy comedy drama we all came to love hit screens in 2006, and seeing the cast come together is giving us the hit of nostalgia we never knew we needed.

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