Virgil Abloh's NFT and DAO Plans Have Surfaced

Hours after news of fashion designer Virgil Abloh‘s death, Fred Ehrsam revealed in a tweetstorm that the late artist was helping him launch a DAO and a slew of NFTs.

Ehrsam’s tweet reveals that prior to his death, Abloh was exploring options in launching a DAO, social token as well as NFTs. He was also interested in entering Web3 to “change the balance of power in favor of creators.” In the tweet, Ehrsam shared, “Virgil Abloh was a pioneer in music, art, and fashion. Most people don’t know he was also ahead of the curve on Web3.”

Ehrsam also posted a link to a document that outlined Abloh’s vision for DAO. The project, which is titled “Skyscraper,” includes additional details that include launching the social token and forming a partnership with Zora, while also designing NFTs. As a part of the preface of the project, a quote from Abloh himself reads,

“What I have been running in my head is to start a real-life, digital museum. For it to become an institution where the currency used in that space is my unique social token. Inside the space will be my work, but also the work of a community of adjacent artists operating on a token of the space.”

It was also revealed that Abloh appeared to be ahead of the times, as he wanted to explore Web3 prior to the whole NFT explosion in 2021. The tweet included previews of Abloh’s first intended NFT — a visual of a DAO smashing into the Louvre.

Take a look at the Tweet below.

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