Volkswagen's ID. 2all Concept Could Change the Electric Car Market

Volkswagen is one of the world’s most successful car manufacturers — you simply cannot go out for five minutes without seeing a Golf, Polo, or Beetle. But as the world changes, so must our driving habits, which is why VW is taking considerable steps to change the electric car market.

Today, the marque unveils its ID. 2all concept, a small city car that aims to cost less than €25,000 EUR (£22,000 GBP/$26,500 USD). This in itself is a considerable feat, as many prospective new-car buyers are often put off by the premium one has to pay for electric cars, as opposed to your usual internal combustion engine options.

Bringing the price further in-line with entry-level ICE machines, the ID. 2all could be the answer for those looking at getting a small, electric car. As put by Volkswagen itself, the car is “as spacious as a Golf, as inexpensive as a Polo.” A game-changing promise, indeed.

Furthermore, the electric machine will deliver up to 450km of range (280 miles) using a front-wheel-drive platform, sending 226 PS to the pedal. The advancements don’t stop there, as inside and out we find a clean and sporty design language backed with technology like Travel Assist, IQ.LIGHT and Electric Vehicle Route Planner — code words for still-in-development plans.

Take a look at the concept car above, and keep you eyes peeled for how the ID. 2all could change the future of EVs.

In other news, KIA has also just revealed its all-new EV9 SUV.
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