Woman suffered ‘horrific’ side effects for years after getting breast implants

A woman has told of how she suffered “horrific symptoms” for years after getting breast implants .

Speaking on the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme, Naomi Macarthur claims she suffered a number of symptoms after undergoing breast enhancement surgery which included stomach pains, bloodshot eyes and chronic fatigue.

Naomi says she first started to feel ill after getting breast implants in 2014.

“I was writing with a pen, I said to my mum I actually can’t write, it’s too hard," she said.

“Writing with a pen was that tiring.

“It’s been absolutely horrific.

“The amount of pain and suffering I’ve had to go through and going to clinics and hospitals and doctors saying it’s not to do with the implants.”

After suffering with her illness for four years Naomi discovered that there were tens of thousands of women who also suffered from breast implant illness (BII).

Naomi paid thousands of pounds to have her implants removed last year.

She said her symptoms disappeared almost immediately.

Breast implant illness does not yet have an official diagnosis but many women who believe they suffer from the condition claimed to have recovered after having their implants removed.

The MHRA does not recognise the illness but surgeons from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) are calling for more research into it.

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