Xiaomi Launches Its First-Ever Pair of Smart Glasses

Xiaomi is slated to release its first-ever pair of smart glasses, following the launch of the Ray-Ban x Facebook high-tech glasses.

The upcoming smart wearable devices are equipped with a quad-core ARM processor and Android operating system. Regarding its features, the Chinese multinational electronics giant’s new smart glasses possess camera functions supported by 0.13-inch MicroLED optical waveguide technology for a longer lens lifespan and a brighter display. However, you can only view the photos on a pairable display like a smartphone. Besides catching up on important notifications and messages, users can make phone calls using the built-in microphone and speakers.

Navigation tools such as directions and maps are displayed before your eyes, while real-time text translation and audio-text transcriptions with translation will be offered.

“Xiaomi Smart Glasses integrates a total of 497 components including miniature sensors and communication modules, so it is not just a ‘second screen’ for your smartphone, but instead functions as a new smart terminal with independent operating capability… Considering usage, key interaction logic has also been implemented to minimize interruptions at inconvenient times, and display important information timely when critical,” the company mentioned in its press release.

The price and release date for Xiaomi’s smart glasses has yet to be announced.

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