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THE BEST free online courses are a convenient and flexible way to learn new skills and subjects remotely. And with top sites like Coursera, EDX and Udemy offering some of the best courses for nothing, online learning doesn’t have to be pricey either.

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What free courses can I do online?

There are many free courses that offer an array of different subjects, which vary in depth and length. While you may not have a degree at the end of it, it's certainly a step in the right direction if you're considering further study, if you want to expand your knowledge in a certain area or delve deeper into a hobby. You no longer have to sign up for a long-term course which costs money, and you can have some flexibility in studying at a pace which suits you.

What are the best free online courses?

The best free online courses are led by authoritative experts in the field and cover a good deal of ground in your chosen subject area. From the outset, a course should outline what level of work is required and how many hours it will take to complete and will be from a reputable educational provider. Many free courses have flexible deadlines to fit around your lifestyle and offer a shareable certificate at the end of the course. But with a huge variety of free courses available, it can be hard to pick which course provider to choose for your online learning. So we’ve studied what each offers in terms of options and areas of expertise to pick the best sites for free online courses around.

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