6 TikTok Influencers In ‘Sway House’, Income Ranked

The Sway House is a collective of young, talented, influential young men with millions and millions of TikTok fans that hang on their every word. This group of social media influencers is notoriously pegged as being handsome young men in their prime that know how to live loudly and command an audience each time their fingers hover over the ‘post’ buttons on their personal devices. Everything they do seems to magnetize their massive fan base, leading to endless offers from advertisers and big name brands that want their promotional involvement. It’s safe to say that life in the Sway House is pretty good. The carefree energy found in this Bel-Air mansion cultivates the creative spirits of these boys, as they feed off one another’s success and continue to steer their millions of followers in any direction they choose, with one simple video, message, or tweet.

Forbes reveals that Talent X Entertainment is the driving force behind the Sway House, and the role of the residents that are lucky enough to reside here is quite simple: Create TikTok videos that attract millions of viewers, and do it often.

The money keeps flowing among this group of wildly successful young men, and continues to grow exponentially with each upload.

6 Kio Cyr $275,000

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Kio Cyr is another Canadian that resides in the Sway House and has soared to high levels of success from videos posted to the TikTok app. Deemed to be one of the top social media influencers in the world, Kio is credited for his innate ability generate content that is both unique, and engaging. Rather than duplicating the same formula that so many other TikTokers have found success with, he has entered the scene with his own personal flare and his genuine approach seems to produce highly engaging, original content that fans can’t seem to resist.

Kio enjoys posting lip syncs, challenge videos and transition videos to TikTok, all of which are met with huge praise and recognition from his fans.

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5 Jaden Hossler.$300,000

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Jaden Hossler has seen enormous fame and fortune from the TikTok platform, but interestingly, he was never really interested in social media at all. It wasn’t until he was spending time with a friend in his home town of Tennessee that his buddy encouraged Jaden to use TikTok. Since then, he began posting lip sync videos and short, funny comedy skits to his TikTok page, resulting in a massive fan following.

Now one of the biggest , most influential social media influencers in the world, Jaden continues to engage with his fans while simultaneously pursuing his lifelong passion to create music and is preparing to launch his new album.

4 Anthony Reeves, $400,000

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Anthony Reeves is loved and adored by millions for his lip syncs and duet videos. Entertaining fans with his silly, light-hearted humor has earned him a very comfortable net wort of $400,000 which is pretty impressive, considering he is only 19 years old..

According to Famous Birthdays, “he is also known for his Snapchat stories at AnthonyDReeves3. He launched a YouTube channel and the second video he posted on it, My Girlfriend Does My Makeup/Q&A!!, earned over 1 million views.”

3 Josh Richards $1.5 million

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Josh Richards is the Canadian in the Sway House and has grown from his humble roots in Canada to become one of the most influential TikTokers on social media. He’s known for his TikTok videos alongside his other Sway House members, and has taken his business interests in other directions to diversify his income opportunities.

Richards became a part owner of Triller, and continues to rack in the dough from sponsored ads and the success of influencer marketing, as well as the benefits that Triller has added to his financial stability.

2 Bryce Hall $2 million

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Arguably the most famous of the Sway House boys, Bryce Hall has soared to the top of his financial career by posting TikTok videos and engaging his adoring fans on other modes of social media. Adding to his fame and exposure is the fact that he is dating TikTok sensation Addison Rae, who tops the income bracket in TikTok as well.

Bryce Hall is recognized for his wildly comedic antics on TikTok and his sense of humor has magnetized his millions of fans. Hall has also broadened the horizons of his fame by branching out into other social media apps as well. His 18.6 million TikTok followers attribute as much to his wealth as his 3.46 million YouTube subscribers do, launching him to the uppermost levels of financial success with each viral video.

1 Griffin Johnson $2 million

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Griffin Johnson leads the pack of TikTokers with a whopping $2 million net worth. He’s making an absolute fortune on social media, while studying to fulfill his passion – a career in nursing. As the eldest member of the highly esteemed Sway House, Griffin is known to be the joker of the group. His fabulously funny and sometimes quirky personality shines through in every post he puts up, which makes the hearts of his 5 million followers flutter with excitement.

This young man from Illinois is setting into Hollywood lifestyle with ease and sophistication, and seizes every opportunity to maximizes on his famous face. He owns his own line of merchandise and continues to watch his wealth soar with each post and sponsored TikTok video he puts up.

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