7 Monica & Rachel ‘Friends’ Poses To Recreate With Your Best Friend On Insta

An iconic example of high school friends turned BFFs is Monica and Rachel from Friends. These two were there for every memorable moment of each other’s lives, from prom night to Monica’s wedding day, and you know you and your BFF are just the same. You’re so much likes these two that you really should recreate some of the best Monica and Rachel Friends poses with your BFF for Instagram.

While you’re rewatching the series, it’s not hard to find some iconic scenes featuring these two. You’ll never forget when they competed with Chandler and Joey for their apartment, or when they relaxed on the couch in different wedding dresses. There’s also so many Central Perk hangouts, bestie hugs, and throwback moments that make for some super cute BFF #content. You and your friend are always looking for more Instas to try, so add any of these seven Monica and Rachel poses to your list right now.

After having a mini photoshoot at home, post your fave snaps with some iconic lines from these characters as your captions. As people are liking your posts, you can celebrate by grabbing all the snacks from the kitchen and rewatching your fave episodes from the couch just like Monica and Rachel would in their apartment.

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1. The "Relaxing In A Wedding Dress" Pose

Who could forget this iconic image from "The One With the Wedding Dresses" where Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel all chill out on the couch wearing different dresses? It’s such a memorable moment from the series that it’s a must-do with your bestie.

Pull out white dresses from your closet that could pass as wedding gowns, or head to a thrift store for some vintage ones. Whoever is Monica can complete their look with a white veil ($5, amazon.com). Grab some beer and popcorn from the kitchen, and set up your camera on a self-timer. While snacking and chilling on the couch, your camera will capture some super cute plandids.

2. The "’80s Prom" Pose

Since Monica and Rachel were high school besties, we got some great flashbacks throughout the show. One of the more memorable moments was from their ’80s prom. Find some vintage dresses with puffy sleeves to recreate your very own throwback prom night photos in front of a staircase. Use a vintage camera app for your phone to make your photos look even more groovy.

3. The "Central Perk Sippin’" Pose

If they’re not in their apartment, these two were most likely hanging out at Central Perk. It’s not hard to recreate your very own coffee shop hangout at home. Simply get some large coffee mugs ($19, kohls.com) in vibrant colors, and make your couch look as comfy as possible with a few orange throw pillows ($70, oka.com). Once the scene has been set, snap some sippin’ selfies.

4. The "Competition For The Apartment" Pose

The apartment switch with Chandler and Joey was a real test for Monica and Rachel. This is one of those scenes that everyone remembers, so you need to recreate it with your bestie.

Fill out the scene with a whiteboard ($26, staples.com) and Post-it notes ($9, staples.com). Then, channel that competitive spirit with some energetic pics. You could even get a boomerang of you both realizing you lost, because you couldn’t remember Chandler’s job.

5. The "Sitting Around The Table Talking" Pose

If you stopped by Monica and Rachel’s apartment when they both lived there, you might find them sitting around the kitchen table, chatting. This is where they could vent about their workday or give each other relationship advice. You also love just chatting with your BFF, so recreate this cute moment by sitting around the table with some magazines and laughs.

5. The "Bestie Hug" Pose

There were so many sweet moments that ended with a bestie hug between these two. Get yourself a Monica and Rachel hug snap by setting up your self-timer or taking a video. The cozier the hug, the better the pic.

6. The "Answering The Door" Pose

Other than the Central Perk couch, the most iconic set piece from the show was the door to Monica’s apartment. Make your front door look just like theirs with a yellow frame ($18, urbanoutfitters.com). Once that’s taken care of, you can capture a pic of you two "answering the door" together.

7. The "Thanksgiving Throwback" Pose

Friends is known for its Thanksgiving episodes, so you can’t go wrong with a pose giving a nod to any them. One of the greatest of all time, though, is the flashback episode — "The One With All the Thanksgivings" — where we got to see Monica and Rachel celebrating the holiday in high school. It’s a real #throwback moment.

Since you and your bestie have been friends for so long, it’s time to share a little throwback moment of your own. Find a photo from one of your first Friendsgivings together, and recreate it. Then, post images for your followers to switch back and forth to see.

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